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Portage Bank started out as a brick-and-mortar bank called State Bank of Ceylon in Ceylon,  Minnesota. Fast forward 121 years later, and Portage Bank has now taken up digs in the Pacific Northwest. Despite their new home, Portage Bank’s services are open to everyone, regardless of geographical area – thanks to their mobile & online banking offerings. 

Keeping Up With The Times

Banking has changed a lot over the past few decades, and Portage Bank envisions a whole new way of doing business by making it possible for you to do all of your banking from your computer at home, or from your mobile phone or tablet while you are on the go. 

While lots of other banks and financial institutions offer online banking tools as an option, the difference is that Portage has reimagined online banking to make it their primary way of doing business. As a result, banking online becomes more than a mimic of going into a bank and seeing a teller. The online experience at Portage is a way of controlling your finances from a user interface that is efficient, quick, intuitive, and comprehensive. 

Bank From Anywhere!

With Portage, it is easy to access all your banking activities anytime and anywhere. You can easily move your money both internally within Portage Bank as well as externally with other institutions. You can, of course, pay bills, check balances, and access transactions, but you can also do everything else online: open accounts, apply for loans and set your mobile app to get alerts, such as when a deposit has cleared or an account balance has reached a certain amount. You can integrate all your banking activities to manage your finances seamlessly using Portage Bank’s online portal.

We also offer unparalleled online service when it comes to loans, whether it is for refinancing your house or seeking a commercial equipment loan for your business. Our goal is to move you as quickly as possible through the process, so that you can make important decisions in a timely manner, without being held up by “the process.” And you can do all of it online, without having to set up an in-person appointment.

If you are interested in bringing your banking into the technology age, don’t just settle for a bank with a website. Portage Bank is redefining online banking to give you the services and convenience you need. For more information and to see what we can do for you, contact Portage Bank today.

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