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At 121 years old, Portage Bank is now operating out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in addition to Minnesota and Washington. Formerly known as State Bank of Ceylon, Portage Bank first opened its doors in Ceylon, Minnesota. Since then we have expanded, opening up headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Now, our rich heritage will find a fresh home as we open a third location. 

Our philosophy is that everyone should have access to excellence in banking. One of the most successful banks for its size, we have developed a solid reputation for leadership in the market, and now look to open yet another loan production office (LPO) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

What Will Change?

This new office is an indicator of exciting events happening at Portage Bank, such as: 


In the last few years, we have grown from our branch in Minnesota, to two Northwest offices. Our long history and tradition of excellent service attracted a group of investors from Washington state in 2019 who believed in our vision and wanted to help us grow. This growth will only benefit our customers, as we position ourselves to offer the most technologically-advanced banking services in the industry.


Portage will continue to serve both its Minnesota customers and Washington residents through its Bellevue branch, as well as from our Coeur d’Alene office. The Bellevue branch expects to offer full services within months. Although customers anywhere in the United States can take advantage of Portage Bank’s services, the Idaho LPO will offer locals the opportunity to meet in person for loan services.


With our focus on online banking and our belief that modern banking is moving away from brick-and-mortar establishments, Portage Bank is always there for our online customers, while still being just as available for in-person services. With our specialized focus on digital banking, Portage Bank can help anyone, anywhere in the country explore their loan options via virtual consultations. Or you can stop into one of our loan production offices in Ceylon, Minnesota, Bellevue, Washington, and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. 

As our President and CEO, Matthew Moran put it: “Portage Bank has a rich history in Ceylon, Minnesota. Our vision is to grow the company and its technology offerings while ensuring the same superior service it has offered for more than a century.”

Want To Learn More?

The entire staff at Portage Bank looks forward to continuing to expand its product offerings for residential and commercial lending. Whether you take advantage of their “New Frontiers” Money Market Savings Account, vehicle, and real estate loans, or other banking services – Portage is ready and available to serve the local community and beyond. For more information, please contact us today.

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