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When big box stores and massive shopping malls first hit the scene, Americans abandoned quaint, historic downtown shops. “Bigger is better” became the American mantra for many years. Now, people are discovering that the reverse is often true. 

A growing movement favoring smaller, local businesses has replaced the vacuous, soulless, larger corporation and brands. A hunger for deeper connections and a more personalized culture is replacing the shopping experience. People are discovering that they want to be considered more than just a neutral transaction. 

Banks are no exception. 

Portage Bank is all about you as an individual. We are smaller and more personal. Even in our early days, customer service was foundational to our core values. We have a proven history of providing individualized care to our local communities. 

Even though we are growing and expanding, this focus is just as vital now as it was then. We are committed to never losing the heart of what we are all about, which is serving our customers. 

Portage Offers Superior MMDA Rates

We are not the big national corporate bank; we are your bank. Because we are smaller, we are positioned to put people first. By definition, big banks will never see their customers as anything beyond numbers in their system.

We are currently a newer bank in growth mode seeking to give back to the community. What does that mean for you? We can give you better rates. A small size does not mean that we can’t handle large loans and rates that compete with the big guys. 

The timing is perfect! We aim to build our customer base, and you are looking for fantastic rates. We can form a mutually beneficial relationship–a win-win–by working together. 

Talking Turkey 

As of September 19th, 2022, the U.S. national deposit rate for money market accounts is a measly .18% APY.  Even some of the biggest banks in the country can’t seem to crack 2%.

Here at Portage? We are killing it! Our New Frontiers Money Market Deposit Account exceeds that APY, and is available to most U.S. households, individuals, or businesses.

Owning the Digital Market

A focus on personalized banking and a small-town upbringing doesn’t take away our edge in today’s market. Not only are we keeping up with modern banking, but we are also positioning ourselves for industry leadership.

Though we served a local community in the past (and still do!) we also recognize that banking has changed for many Americans. Online banking is where it’s at. 

What Can You Do Online at Portage? 

Open an MMDA account and watch your money grow! With our cutting-edge, easy to use, online banking platform you can:

  • Start investing your money
  • Transfer funds into your New Frontiers Money Market Account
  • Watch the interest compound

Creating wealth and building your dreams with portage is quick and easy. Our team is there for you, giving you the same personalized care every step of the way. We still uphold the same customer care principles that we have always lived by. 

Contact Portage today, and find out how we can help you manage your money, build wealth, and find peace of mind financially. In a changing world, at least your bank has your back. 

Portage Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. 

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