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America is a country built from the ground up. The first settlers couldn’t take out a business loan from the bank or find a local Human Resources office. What they did have was freedom… the freedom to build dreams out of literally nothing. It started small. 

Many people don’t realize how rare small businesses are—at least from a historical perspective. In the past (and in many parts of the world today), there was a ruling, wealthy, small upper-class. The rest of the country formed an impoverished, numerous lower class with almost no options for improving their circumstances. 

In the last few generations, we have seen the development of a middle class like never before. In other words, America redefined the financial landscape for those struggling at the bottom. The middle-class phenomenon resulted from the advent of small businesses. America began with dirt, huts, and cabins that turned into cityscapes in merely a few generations.

Who built small businesses? Just people. Families who wanted to live their lives, dream big, and possess the freedom to build something meaningful. 

What Went Wrong? 

Small businesses thrive with small government. The government has enlarged over the last few decades, creating extra challenges for those struggling to get their businesses off the ground. Big government has often been married to big corporations, making mutually beneficial, back-scratching deals. Laws are regularly passed rewarding certain businesses and punishing others. As a result, costs, taxes, and restrictions increasingly rise. 

Who suffers? The small guys and gals. Those who are laboring to make something from the ground up. 

The Portage Difference:

Portage Bank would like to take a stand amid tumultuous times. Listed below are just a few of the things we stand for:

  • Small Businesses 

Portage Bank started as a small business, and although we are growing, we are still “small” compared to the big national banks. We believe you should have the right and freedom to pursue your dreams, no matter how big or small.

  • Freedom

It is not the job of a bank to monitor what you think. Freedom first made this country great, and those freedoms are threatened. It is more important now than ever to join with businesses whose primary desire is to protect and fight for your freedoms. 

  • Moral Integrity 

A bank is only as good as the people who operate it. As big banks succumb to the pressure to cancel, fine, or steal from clients whom they deem “wrong,” it is essential to have a bank you trust. We possess a firm sense of morality and will not cave in when in the midst of the current cultural bullies. 

  • You

If you try to talk to a real person at a big bank, you will be waiting for a while. At Portage, we value each interaction shared with our customers. We will get to know you and ask about your grandpa’s golf swing. We are caring people, and we care for you. 

Discover Portage

Whether you own or work for a small business — or maybe your small business that turned into a big business! — we stand for you and your dreams. Have an idea? Want to build something? Whether you need a business, residential, or another type of loan, we can help you get there.
Give us a call and tell us about your aspirations!

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