Non-Recourse IRA Loans

Unimagined real estate profits with one of our self-directed IRA Non-Recourse Loans.

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If you are like many people with an IRA (individual retirement account), the money in your IRA likely represents one of your most valuable assets. You may want to borrow from your IRA in order to acquire an investment property that will provide passive income well into your retirement. We offer unique financing options for purchasing a rental property with our self-directed IRA non-recourse loans. Borrowers are able to choose from a variety of adjustable interest rates and fixed-interest rates that match their current needs. We strive to provide loan approvals within 48 to 72 hours of receiving complete applications. We can finance up to $815,000 of one of these transactions and we give preference to loan requests west of the Mississippi River.

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What is a Non-Recourse Loan?

A non-recourse loan is one in which the IRA account holder is not personally liable for repayment of the loan. The security instruments which record the debt and collateral allow no recourse against the individual account holders or the balances of your IRA funds. In the event of default/foreclosure the lender can only look to the property as the sole source of repayment. The non-recourse lender cannot pursue other assets owned by the account holder or the IRA. Anyone who has at least 40%-50% of the purchase price vested in a self-directed IRA has the opportunity to buy rental properties using a non-recourse loan, subject to loan approval and an acceptable real estate appraisal of the property in question. Follow our simple steps below to get approved for your Non-Recourse IRA Loan.

We’ll Help You Get Started


Complete our easy loan application

(if married, please include your spouse’s name)


Provide IRA statements for any and all IRA accounts in your name

The combined funds in your IRA accounts must be sufficient enough to fund the purchase, closing, and reserve requirements make sure that your property is eligible (listed below) for a Non-Recourse IRA Loan


Make sure that your property is eligible (listed below) for a Non-Recourse IRA Loan

Single-family detached residential properties, planned unit developments, duplexes, 4-plexes, multi-family properties (5+ units)


Review, complete, and sign the loan documents provided to you that are required prior to signing a real estate purchase contract. The IRA, LLC, or trust company must sign the real estate purchase contract

Your IRA, LLC, or trust will be the owner of the property, requiring the property deed and title to be in their name. The transfer of funds for the loan fees (earnest money & appraisal fee) must come directly from the IRA custodian


Provide your homeowner’s insurance agent with the details of the transaction

The IRA must be listed as insured on the insurance documents


Sit back while we review the loan application

We review loan applications, order the appraisal, review title docs, confirm the closing date, and more

Our General Guidelines

Loan Amount

Our non-recourse IRA loans can be up to a maximum of $815,000.

Interest Rate

We have both adjustable & fixed rate loans to fit your needs

Rate Lock

The interest rate is locked upon your commitment to the loan.

Term & Amortization

Our loans have terms and amortization of 5 to 20 years.


In the event of default, we can only look to the property as the sole source of repayment.

Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio

The LTV can be a maximum of 60% of the appraised value of the proposed property (not including reserves).


Our IRA loans have a prepayment amount of around 1 – 3% depending on loan term and rate.

Application Fee

There is no application fee on our IRA loans!


For security on the loan, we are placed in a priority position in case of loan default.

Loan Costs

These include standard fees like appraisals, surveys, escrow, and more.


Our underwriters have a quick turnaround within 48 – 72 hours of full submission.


Our average loan process takes about 30 – 35 days.

Advantages of IRA Investments


Investors have the ability to choose their retirement road through real estate purchases. Other investment options, like mutual funds, bonds and stocks, are controlled by others.

Increased Purchasing Power 

Leverage is huge! A $500,000 IRA could purchase one $250,000 home or put a 50% down payment on two $250,000 homes and use non-recourse financing for the other 50%. This way your IRA can own two properties with the potential for increased income.


Non-recourse IRAs are similar to trusts in that they are separate from the owner and are protected by federal & state bankruptcy law.

Increased Returns 

Compared to many other IRA investments, non-recourse IRA loans can yield much higher returns, at a faster rate.

No Personal Credit Hit

Since the IRA is taking out the loan instead of you personally, the newly created debt is not added to your personal credit report.

All About the Deal

Final loan approval depends on the future success of your investment (not about your personal finances) as non-recourse lenders only have recourse to the property itself.

Our Disclaimers

Before applying, review the following list of risks, requirements, and eligibility items:

  • Your IRA cannot purchase a property that you currently own.
  • You must avoid ‘indirect benefits’ and ‘self dealing’ with the property purchased with your IRA. This means that you cannot purchase, for example, a vacation home with your self-directed IRA. Further, any expenses incurred for the maintenance, repair, etc. of your IRA-held real estate must be paid to third parties, not you personally.
  • All income generated by property owned by your self-directed IRA must be paid into your IRA.
  • All expenses related to property owned by your self-directed IRA (maintenance, improvements, property taxes, condo association fees, general bills, etc.) must be paid from your IRA.

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