Savings Accounts

Let us help you put your hard-earned money to work.

Great interest rates to help you save more.

Make saving easier with our safe, secure, FDIC-Insured products. Compare our high-yield savings products below.

Savings Account

Save money while watching the interest pile up.


  • Minimum balance of $10.00 required to earn interest on the account.
  • Interest compounded quarterly and paid quarterly.
  • You will receive a quarterly statement on your account.
  • No monthly service charge for active accounts.
  • No activity for one year dormant account charge of $5.00 per month.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)


  •  CD accounts are FDIC-Insured Up to the maximum allowed by law.
  •  No Monthly Maintenance Fees.
  •  Access your account anytime with our online banking.

Money Market Account (MMA)


  • Balance of $2,500.00 to earn Money Market interest rate
  •  If the balance falls below $2,500.00 you will earn NOW account interest rate
  •  Access your account anytime with our online banking
  •  No monthly service charge
  •  Interest compounded monthly and paid monthly
  •  Interest rates may vary depending on balance

Account Features

We pride ourselves on being technologically focused, in terms of mobile & online banking, in order to make our customer experience easier, faster, and more secure.

Debit Card

Online Banking

Mobile Banking

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Mobile Deposits

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Overdraft Protection

Direct Deposit


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