Guiding Your Financial Journey with Ease

For over a century since our founding in 1901, we have proudly served our local community. As our community is changing, we are changing too, adapting to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Over the past six months, we have taken the time to think about the best way to communicate our core values and product offering to our current and future customers. As a result, we have rebranded the original State Bank of Ceylon into the bank you see today – Portage Bank. This rebrand was inspired by our desire to market more effectively to you and to reflect the spirit of exploration as we offer new financial products and services as we expand our offerings to new markets and frontiers. Additionally, the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presented to traditional in-person banking created an opportunity to pivot, meeting the needs of a digital customer. As explorers in new territory, we saw this as a golden opportunity to double down on ultimate convenience and simplicity through online banking. Portage Bank, while still offering in person, walk in service, we are now offering the conveniences of an Internet Bank, still abiding by our core values, which include solidarity: taking a team approach to accomplish more together; and human dignity, recognizing the uniqueness of every individual. We were founded on personal service & customer care and we still live by those principles today.

Personal Banking

Cars, boats, toys, equipment and more. We are here to help you get what you need most.

Business Banking

We offer business loans for all types of businesses.

Home Loans

We have flexible options for home loans, construction loans, land deals, farm and agriculture and more.

Commercial Loans

Unimagined real estate profits with one of our self-directed IRA Non-Recourse Loans.

Here at Portage Bank, our mission is to provide simple and workable financial solutions for our client's unique and changing financial journeys. We are not your typical bank. We are a community bank that has gone digital to further our founding philosophy that more families and communities should have access to credit in order to pursue the American dream of ownership in homes & businesses and maximize their contribution to our shared economy. Please use the link to meet the team and familiarize yourself with our friendly staff and their respective role so we can best discuss your individual banking needs.

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