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In George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, an authoritarian government regime enlists children to police their parents and tattle on them for misbehavior. Terrified, living in dread of their own children, parents are effectively silenced. One wrong word, one opinion at variance with the government can get them punished–stripped of their freedoms and livelihood. 

What we are experiencing in America today bears some resemblance to this. America is becoming an upside-down version of what used to be a free country. Monitored and policed by the erratic behavior of the self-termed “Social Justice Warriors,” many Americans live in a world of street-thug tyranny. Schoolyard politics and courtrooms are in session over which bullies preside, enacting methods that might as well belong to children. 

Earlier this year, in the aftermath of Canada’s trucker protest known as the “Freedom Convoy,” Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced in a press conference that “freezing the bank account of Freedom Convoy participants…” would be justified. This edict allowed for personal and corporate accounts to be suspended apart from a court order. Likewise, Canada’s Trudeau administration said that it would punish Freedom Convoy participants by freezing their accounts.

In other words, if you disagree with them, they will seize your money without compunction. While these events took place in Canada, they set a precedent that similar-minded Americans are emulating. Many American banks have de-platformed those who do not share their views. 

In the last few years, politicians have joined Big Tech, and some banks to de-platform dissenters from social media and exclude them from making and receiving payments online. In this justice system, their truth alone matters, and the verdict is predetermined. The rent-a-mob is standing by with pitchforks and stakes. 

Every American Should Care About Free Speech

Even if you disagree with many of the opinions put forward by either side, that is beside the point. Human rights are threatened without regard to the legal assumption that you are innocent until proven guilty. 1st Amendment rights are being blatantly violated, and that’s not how we roll. 

At Portage Bank, we believe that most Americans want to live their lives, work, and enjoy their right to freedom. You should be able to place your hard-earned money in a banking institution that doesn’t monitor how you vote, what you Tweet, or censor you because you have opinions. Yet, these freedoms are threatened. 

If you recognize the urgent need to find a bank you can trust, a bank that will not police your actions, then we have your back. As a non-partisan bank, we think you should not have to worry when you exercise your first amendment rights. 

Free Speech Banking

If you care about the freedoms so critical to the founding of America – if you want to live your life, provide for, and spend time with your family – Portage is the bank for you. 

We are a smaller bank that cares about really helping people, helping you preserve and build wealth, protect your finances, and plan for the future… not managing your belief systems or speech. 

We offer full-service Free Speech Banking, including money market deposit accounts with competitive rates, residential, commercial, and consumer loans, and digitized banking. We care about our customers and promise to treat you as human beings so that you can sleep at night without worrying about being canceled. 

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help get you set up with a strong and safe financial strategy. 

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