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Americans today have more distractions and demands on their time than ever before. With work, recreation, and time with your kids, family, and friends, (and that new show on Netflix) keeping you busy, you don’t have time for long hours at the bank.

At Portage Bank, we think that banking shouldn’t be a time-consuming headache. When you call big banks on the phone, how long does it take to speak with an actual person? Our digital banking platform is fast, innovative, and easy to use. We’ve made it so easy that you can set up your account while waiting for leftover lasagna to heat up in the microwave. 

Though Portage Bank began as a standard brick-and-mortar institution, we have evolved to meet the needs of a modern clientele. There have been changes as we have grown and expanded, but one thing remains constant: we are here for our people. And while we cherish face-to-face interactions, we also know that today people need fast, easy online banking options. 

Our digitized banking provides a convenient and comprehensive way to manage your finances. Below are listed just a few of the ways this benefits you.

Digital Banking at Portage: 


With a commitment to make banking more accessible, simpler, and quicker than other banks, we strove to create a cutting-edge online banking platform that rivals the big guys… and we are willing to take that to the bank! We challenge you to try and open an account with us in under five minutes. Bet you can do it!

Opening an account with Portage happens simply at the click of a button. Transfer funds into your New Frontiers Money Market Account today and watch your money grow. 


The same spirit of personal attention that has always distinguished Portage remains present online. Some people want to do every step of their banking online; they want it fast, easy, and painless. If that’s you, your digital bank is standing by. 

Others would prefer a conversation. Give us a call, and you can speak with a real human being in no time.  


When choosing a bank account, you want to ensure it’s the right one. That’s why Portage Bank has a wide variety of accounts that will meet your needs. 

Whether you open a checking account, savings account, or high-yield Money Market Account, you can quickly make deposits, withdrawals, or move your money where it needs to go. The lack of overhead enables us to offer competitive rates, so all you have to do is watch the interest compound. 

There is no monthly service charge. You can review your account activity, and much more, online. Our digitized banking is changing how you invest and move your money. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the Portage Difference!

Call us or visit our website and set up your account in no time. We’re committed to making banking easy and fast so that you aren’t kept from your family, your lasagna, or that Netflix show.

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