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When two boxers enter a ring to duke it out, only one of them can win. It may sound strange, but our relationship with money is not so different. In other words, money is not a passive commodity. 

Either you tell your money what to do, or it will tell you what to do.

Only one side can win. We would like to think that if we just had a little more money (or lots more!), we would be in control. We think we can handle it. The truth is, except in extreme circumstances, your skill with handling money has nothing to do with how much or how little you have. 

Wherever you’re at, learn how to kill it with your finances now. New Year’s is a fantastic time to dream, set goals, and rethink the person you want to become. Do you dream about creating wealth, getting out of debt, saving for kids’ college, or for that Hawaiian vacation? Put your game face on and find your inner budget ninja by following these financial tips from Portage Bank.

Financial Dos and Don’ts in 2023:


Before you groan and think “You don’t understand, budgets never work for me,” consider some pro-budget-minded tips and tricks. 

  • Give it a shot! Even making an attempt will put you on much firmer ground financially than if you don’t try at all. Trust us, we all fail at budgets sometimes. You can always get back in the saddle again. We won’t judge. 
  • Make it fun! Yes, budgets require some measure of discipline. But once you begin, you might be surprised at how freeing and even addicting it can be to feel like you are the one holding the reins, not your credit cards. 

You may never own a yacht, but even if you are only setting aside a few dollars per month to save up for something, it can be surprisingly fun to watch those small nests grow–and you’ll be amazed at how fast they grow! When you stay on track, reward yourself with guilt-free (and low-cost!) treats or splurges. 

  • Be realistic! One of the most common mistakes budget newbies make is making their budget too strict. You might get inspired and imagine yourself saving up a truckload of money by eating rice and beans every day. What happens? You guessed it: you crash and burn. 

Keep your budget categories as closely tied to reality as possible to achieve positive results. Give yourself some limited spending and blow money each month, and don’t feel guilty about enjoying it. 

  • Cut expenses you don’t need! This might seem contradictory to the above point. While you should permit yourself some spending money, you should also attempt to trim over-bloated areas of careless spending. Do you really need that extra fancy, expensive coffee every morning? Are you actually using all of your streaming services? 

Planning and maintaining a budget has never been easier. Portage Bank offers the latest mobile, cutting-edge, digitized banking tech. You can keep an eye on your spending while you’re waiting for an appointment, brushing your teeth, or hanging out in the drive-through. Make informed and wise decisions on the go. 


At least where possible. Debt is nothing but empty money cutting into your precious, hard-earned paycheck. 


What if instead of paying interest to credit card companies, you could be collecting compound interest on your own money instead? Open a Money Market Account with Portage today and take advantage of our competitive rates

Use your excellent new budget to set money aside into a lucrative income-racking account. You can set it up with automatic payments so you have nothing to do but collect. 

At Portage, our goal is to help you get ahead financially, build wealth, and be the one who tells your money what to do rather than the other way around. Contact us or check our online banking tools today!

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